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Base Station License Free Radio (Vehicle Mounted)

SKU: 10410002
22,500.00nos without GST
Ideal for use in remote areas where teams may be spread too far apart for effective communications, such as car rallies, civil and construction operations, etc.

Diamond WD-330J/S Broadband Dipole

SKU: 10610001
52,000.00nos without GST
  • Frequency 2-30MHz.
  • Radiator Length: 10m.
  • Type: Terminated Folded Dipole.
  • Radiation: Directional.
  • Feedline: 50 Ohm Coax.
  • Connector: SO-239.SWR: Av <2:1 To <3:1.
  • No Transmatch Required.
  • Power: 150W (PEP).
  • Spreaders: 46cm (18in).
  • Weight 2.1kg

HF 2-30 MHz

SKU: 10610002
110,000.00nos without GST
The HF-2-30 Broad Band Folded Dipole Antenna offer optimum performance, fully automatic, low SWR operation over the entire HF band